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Discover, survive and become the first legend!

Before Legends is a round based strategy-RPG fusion set in a prehistorical fantasy environment. The player will take charge of a small tribe and lead it in an epic journey on the way of becoming a civilization and thus forge the first legend of his people.

Bonfire Elders:

Game Design:

- Allan Cudicio

- Toma Komitski


- Amon Kalagin

- Raphael Koller

- Andreas Pinternagel


- Luke Ulke

- Benjamin Koß

- Daniel Pochert


- Viktor Pekar

Music & SFX:

- Manfred Tausch

- Markus Zierhofer

Special thanks to:

- Marcel Benes

- Samir Riecke


Before_Legends_V0.13 302 MB